Premium API - Personal Data Information Service. 
Personal Data Information Service for companies changing the world.

How can You use it?
A service enabling confirmation of the bank's customers' identity data, to be used on websites and mobile websites of entities cooperating with the BNP Paribas bank. A wide range of data and easy-to-integrate API gives you many possibilities. By granting consent, the customer accepts the scope of information that, after positive verification, will be transferred to the entity whose services he wants to use.

Real-time data confirmation.
Thanks to the API, checking age, citizenship or identification data takes place in a few seconds and does not delay the business process, e.g. registration. Use the service and increase the security of your online business.
Use the service and increase the security of your online business.
This is a great opportunity for dynamic growth of many companies.

How to get started?
To get started, your client does not need to install additional software, any device with Internet access is enough.
Safety and environmental protection are our top priorities. As a banking institution, we use the latest technologies and guarantee the highest security standards in accordance with legal regulations in force in the EU, while protecting the environment in accordance with the "paperless" idea.
Step by step registration proces is described in FAQ Premium

Why is it worth establishing cooperation with us:

  • together we will take care of the security of transactions or signed contracts - all you need is the consent of the client
  • we are a financial institution of public trust, so you can be sure of the reliability of the data
  • you receive the highest standard of services without the risk of abuse, thanks to the open banking mechanisms used


Current PremiumAPI implementation

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