PolishAPI v2_1.5

Documentation published: January 2023 / Production release: 31 May 2023


New API implementation – PolishAPI v2_1.5 / JSON / YAML

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1. sandbox environment ASPSP-BNP

2. production environment ASPSP-BNP


Previous API implementation – PolishAPI v2_1.4 / JSON / YAML


The scope of changes compared to version 2_1.4

version 2_1.4

version 2_1.5

Services available in swagger but not supported by the Bank:

  • getTransactionsPending
  • getTransactionsCancelled
  • getTransactionsScheduled

Removal of unsupported transaction history download services from swagger:

  • getTransactionsPending
  • getTransactionsCancelled
  • getTransactionsScheduled

No service:

  • getTrasnactionsRejected

Adding a new service to the swagger for retrieving rejected

  • transactionsgetTransactionsRejected

Available paremeter  aux.paymentReference for nonEEA

Removal of parameter for nonEEA transfers:

  • aux.paymentReference


Change of enum and description in nonEEA transfers:

  • aux.cnyPaymentCode

Available Date parameter in HTTP headers


Removing the Date parameter from the HTTP header - applies to all services

The requestHeader.tppId parameter is not required in the service /v2_1.4/confirmation/v2_1.4/getConfirmationOfFunds

Adding a required parameter to the service/v2_1.5/confirmation/v2_1.5/getConfirmationOfFunds

  • requestHeader.tppId